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FootGolf is an emerging sport encouraging the crossover from football to golf, but quicker, more accessible and with less expensive equipment.  It is a good way of getting kids interested in football, interested in golf.

FootGolf is played using the principles of golf – tee, fairway, green – but with a much larger ‘cup’ and using a football instead of a golf ball.  The aim is to kick the football from the tee, down the fairway and into the hole in as few shots as possible. It is good fun and something all the family can enjoy from tots to grandparents.

Our course features nine par 3 and par 4 holes giving a total par for the course of 33.  The course is totally separate from the golf course, so can be played concurrently alongside regular course golfers.


Please book FootGolf by calling Rception on 01246 813111.



Summer – 9am to 7pm (last footballs 6:30pm)

Winter – 9am to dusk (last footballs 45 mins before dusk).

FootGolf could be closed for extended periods of time if we have particularly bad weather.  Please ring in advance on 01246 813111 to confirm that FootGolf is open and what time it will be closing that day.



  Non Member Adult Affiliate Adult Member Adult Junior
9 holes £6.00 £5.00 £5.00 £4.00
18 holes £8.00 £7.00 £7.00 £6.00



Memberships run from 1st January to 31st December every year and you can join for up to one year (£10) or up to 3 years (£25), so the sooner you join, the more benefit you will get.  Membership gives you immediate access to affiliate member rates on driving range, The Links Course, FootGolf, Fishing and coffee shop.  You can join by filling in our membership form – you will need an email address.  On completion of the form, bring your reference number and your payment to Reception where you will have your photo taken for your membership card.



Non-Member Group FootGolf
Up to 7 people

£6/9 holes

£8/18 holes

8 – 11 people

£5/9 holes

£7/18 holes

12+ people

£4/9 holes

£6/18 holes


Member Group FootGolf
8+ people

£3.50/9 holes

£5.50/18 holes

At least one player must be an Affiliate or Full member of the club



Group bookings (8 or more players) can be made by telephone on 01246 813111 – you will also need to complete our FootGolf Group Booking Form and email this to  It is the Booking Organisers responsibility to ensure all players in the group have read the Code of Conduct, Terms & Conditions, Dress Code & Rules of Play prior to arrival.



The Club Code of Conduct

The code of conduct is there to ensure everyone can enjoy their time at Barlborough Links Golf Club.  We are proud of our club; it’s a family friendly environment with members of all ages.

We therefore expect all players to conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, regardless of how competitive they are.

We expect all players to:
–       Demonstrate the utmost respect for all other players and our staff
–       Always show respect for the course and facilities
–       Treat everyone as you would wish to be treated

We do not expect players to:
–       Use foul language of any kind, be it directed at someone or not
–       Demonstrate aggressive behaviour of any kind
–       Distract other players through unnecessary noise levels either on or off the course

Note: Failure to abide by the code of conduct may result in the offending individuals being asked to leave the premises, and in more serious cases, be banned from the club and the relevant authorities informed.


Player/Group Terms & Conditions
We hope you enjoy your time with us – golf courses and driving ranges can be dangerous environments, especially for those who aren’t used to being in a golfing environment, therefore for your safety and enjoyment, please make sure everyone is aware of the following:

–       Children must be supervised and behave appropriately at all times – this is a golf club and can be a dangerous environment

–       The range bays, gravel and range itself are out of bounds if you are playing FootGolf – please do not allow anyone to go into the range bays or step out onto the gravel, ESPECIALLY if there are customers hitting range balls

–       The  golf balls and equipment located just outside Reception/Coffee Shop is for the use of paying users only and not for playing with.  Driving range and FootGolf groups will be issued with any necessary equipment by the Receptionist

–       Driving range groups – one person per bay unless you have been told otherwise (larger groups may have to share bays).  DO NOT stay in or step into the bay if it’s not your turn.  DO NOT step into someone else’s bay at any time.  DO NOT step out onto the gravel at any time. Swinging golf clubs can move fast and if they hit you – it hurts!

–       Driving range supervision – under 12’s : one adult per child.  Over 12’s : one adult per 4 children

–       Please keep off the practice putting green with footballs

–       Please keep footballs under close control when not on the FootGolf course

–       FootGolf – please be aware of golfers on the 9th hole when playing the 2nd and 8th FootGolf holes where you need to use the bridge on the 9th fairway to cross the revine.

–       FootGolf – any balls landing in the revine should be retrieved by adults where possible.

It is understood that playing any sport has the potential for injury. Slips and trips are common-place in sport, and FootGolf is no different.  Players must also be aware that wet ground conditions are possible on the course, and of the risk that presents.  Players/spectators must be aware of flying golf balls (both on the driving range and golf course) and the risk they present, and must take every precaution not to place themselves in danger by adhering to the above Terms & Conditions.

Barlborough Links Golf & Leisure Ltd accept no responsibility for any loss, damage or injury of any description, howsoever arising, to any player and/or spectator


Dress Code
Comfortable sports clothing to allow ease of movement:

Polo or tee shirt
Jogging bottoms
Waterproof top/trousers (if raining)
Football boots, strong trainers or astro trainers – no flimsy shoes or open toe sandals

Juniors under 12 must be accompanied on the course by an adult (1 adult for every 2 groups of four juniors)

The Club reserves the right to refuse entry to any player who is deemed to be intoxicated before play.


FootGolf Rules of Play
1              The aim is to play 9 holes with the lowest number of kicks of the ball
2              You must commence play on each hole from the teeing area only (white tee markers)
3              You must play the ball from where it comes to rest – no kicking moving balls
4              In a group, play youngest first to oldest, then kick your ball in turn.  If another players ball is in your way when playing your shot, ask the other player to move their ball and mark the place
5              The winner of the previous hole plays first on the next hole, 2nd plays 2nd and so on
6              If your ball is hit by another ball, you can only replace the ball that was hit to its original position
7              Kick the ball in one movement – no resting of the foot on the ball before kicking
8              Whilst kicking one foot must touch the ground – no jump or clamping the ball
9              Course obstacles cannot be moved
10            If you are playing in a larger group – please play smaller groups through, similarly smaller groups should play faster groups through
11            Any hole flags that are removed should be replaced into the hole after everyone in the group has completed that hole


On the Day

–       Arrive at Reception 10-15 minutes before your booking time – please send one person to reception to pay so we can maintain social distancing
–       Upon arrival, present your Organiser Agreement Form (if not already emailed) and pay the appropriate fees
–       All players need to bring their own footballs 


Bad Weather
Please ring on the day of your booking for course updates on 01246 813111.  If the course is unplayable/closed, you will be able to re-arrange your booking to another suitable date/time.