Out of Bounds – A ball is out of bounds beyond all boundary fences and walls, beyond all white posts and balls landing on the driving range

Water Hazard – Water hazards are identified by yellow posts, lateral water hazards are identified by red posts

Immovable Obstructions – All artificially surfaced paths and roads including the bridges over the water hazard on the 2nd, 4th and 9th fairways

Ground Under Repair – Ground Under Repair will only be as designated by GUR signs

Fixed Sprinkler Heads – All fixed sprinkler heads are immovable obstructions and relief from them may be obtained under Rule 24.2.  Additionally, if a ball lies off the green but not in a hazard and such an obstruction on or within 2 club lengths of the green and within 2 club length of the ball intervenes on the line of play between the ball and the hole, the player may take relief as follows:  The ball shall be lifted and dropped at the nearest point to where they ball lay which is not nearer the hole, avoids such intervention and not in a hazard or on the green.  The ball may be cleaned when lifted.

Penalty for breach of local rule:     Match Play – loss of hole     /     Stroke Play – 2 stroke loss



We want all our visitors to enjoy their time with us.  Please read these notes on course etiquette which explain what is expected from all our guests.

All green fees must be paid before play commences and whereupon players agree to abide by the rule regulations

Players are expected to have consideration to other players whilst playing the course and let faster groups through

Players doing 18 holes have priority on the 10th/1st tee

Players must wear a shirt or suitable top at all times

All divots must be replaced and pitch marks on the green repaired

Trolleys and golf bags must not be taken onto the tees or greens

All players must have their own clubs

All players must have adequate personal insurance including public liability.  Barlborough Links Golf & Leisure Ltd accept no responsibility for any loss, damage or injury of any description, howsoever arising, to any player and/or spectator

Strictly one ball per round



The code of conduct is there to ensure everyone can enjoy their time at Barlborough Links Golf Club.  We are proud of our club – its a family friendly environment with people of all ages welcome.

We therefore expect all players to conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, regardless of how competitive they are.

We expect all visitors to:
–       Demonstrate the utmost respect for all other players and our staff
–       Show respect for the course and facilities at all times
–       Treat everyone as you would wish to be treated

We do not expect players to:
–       Use foul language of any kind, be it directed at someone or not
–       Demonstrate aggressive behaviour of any kind
–       Distract other players through unnecessary noise levels either on or off the course

Note: Failure to abide by the code of conduct may result in the offending individuals being asked to leave the premises, and in more serious cases, be banned from the club and the relevant authorities informed.