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Barlborough Links Golf Club




Following the Prime Ministers address at 8:30pm this evening, Barlborough Links Golf Club will sadly close with immediate effect.

We are gutted that our dream that became reality nearly 4 years ago cannot continue for the foreseeable future, but we cannot be the reason that people choose to venture out of their homes at this terrible time.

All our annual memberships will be frozen from tomorrow until further notice and the memberships extended by the appropriate period.

For clarity, the course, driving range, FootGolf and fishing pond will remain closed until further notice, so playing golf, Footgolf, using the driving range or fishing on Barlborough Links Golf Club land is prohibited. Anyone found to be in breach of this risk being reported to the appropriate authorities and face potential prosecution.

Please remember that the land is not a public open space, however the public footpath remains open for its usual use (walkers, dog walkers with dogs under close control on leads and pushchair users – it is not a cycle route or bridle path).

Whilst we can’t police the course 24/7, we will be patrolling the course at random times, especially as the days get longer, and any groups of 2 or more people found on our land risk being reported to the Police.

We will continue to maintain the course to the best of our ability so that when we do re-open, we will hit the ground running.

We would like to thank our staff, members and loyal customers for their continued support. We were hoping that this closure could be avoided but we need to fight this virus as a country because its destroying lives, and we need to play our part in that.

We are looking forward to seeing you on the other side.
Stay safe everyone.
Fran & Andy.


COVID-19 – 20th March 2020 – In light of the earlier government announcement, we will be remaining open with the following restrictions (in addition to the ones already published yesterday):

  • No casual entry into Reception – All payments to be made outside Reception utilising our wireless credit card machine from tomorrow morning. We really need to minimise cash transactions – we will accept cash for now but please try and pay by card if at all possible.
  • Entry to Reception will be ONLY for the use of the toilet and/or hand washing facilities.
  • Take away hot drinks (served in take-away cups), bottled pop/water and wrapped chocolate will still be for sale, however you will not be allowed to sit in Reception. Bay 1 will have a table and a few chairs available.

Thank you for your understanding. We realise the mental and physical health benefits of golf so want to stay open for as long as we can whilst keeping everyone as safe as possible.


COVID-19 – 19th March 2020 –  We intend to remain open until instructed to close by a government or golfing professional body, or a member of staff contracts the virus.  The safety of our staff and customers is our highest priority, however we are a low-risk facility and the following additional measures are in place:

  • Increased cleaning in Reception (sinks, taps, door furniture, toilet, tables, chairs, till, phone)
  • Anyone not wishing to come into Reception and wanting to minimise contact – we can now accept payment at the door/driving range, preferably by credit card to further minimise contact.  We have a wireless/contactless card reader and anyone not wishing to manually enter a pin must keep their transaction below £30 to use contactless
  • The recommended safe distance of 2m away from anyone coughing or sneezing is maintained on the driving range due to our bays being 3m wide bays, however anyone wishing to minimise contact can request that a bay be kept free between them and the next user.  Please inform a member of staff who will manage this.
  • Golfers or golfing groups are strictly capped at four ball’s and golfers should maintain the safe distance between themselves and other golfers/golfing groups.  This shouldn’t be a problem on the course, however the path from the car park to Reception is a pinch point where the safe distance cannot be maintained so please give way to each other on this stretch.
  • Please putt with flags in – no removing flags on the course
  • We have plenty of soap, water and paper towels (currently!) and encourage everyone to wash their hands on entering Reception according to government guidelines (20 seconds singing whatever you like!!  If we know it then we’ll join in)
  • We have take-away cups for anyone wishing to purchase a hot drink but not come into Reception alongside our usual cold drinks and wrapped chocolate bars
  • Please remember the physical and mental health benefits of golf – we are low risk even for those wishing to self-isolate
  • Please use a trusted source for information and updates such as the World Health Organisation website or GOV.uk, and please, please, please check out any widely shared social media ‘claims’ on COVID-19 using the  Full Fact website

STAY SAFE everyone and we hope to see you regularly enjoying your golf!

COURSE:  All holes open.  2nd on Winter mat on 2nd fairway.  3rd on grass tee – follow the roping off up the 3rd fairway to play a 250yd uphill par 4.

WINTER DRIVING RANGE HOURS:  From Sunday 1st December until Sunday 29th March 2020, our driving range will close closing time will be half an hour earlier:

Mon – Thu range closes at 7:30pm, last baskets 7pm

Fri/Sat/Sun – range closes at 5:30pm, last baskets 5pm.



Non Member

Mon – Sun

Affiliate Member

Mon – Fri

Affiliate Member

Sat & Sun


9 holes – £11

18 holes – £15

9 holes – £9

18 holes – £12

9 holes – £10

18 holes – £14

Over 60’s

9 holes – £10

18 holes – £14

9 holes – £8

18 holes £11

9 holes £9

18 holes £13


9 holes – £5

18 holes – £7.50

9 holes – £4

18 holes – £6

9 holes – £5

18 holes – £7




THE LINKS COURSE:  8am – dusk (twilight rate £5 – 1.5 hours before sunset)

FOOTGOLF:  9am – 7pm Summer, 9am – dusk Winter (last footballs one hour before sunset)


  • Mon – Thurs 9am – 7:30pm (last baskets 7:00pm)
  • Fri/Sat/Sun – 9am – 5:30pm (last baskets 5pm)





Monday Swing Clinic

These run monthly until April (when our Monday competition will recommence) and offer a one hour experience including a 30 minute video swing analysis and two 30 minute practice sessions.  Please see our coaching page for further details.

Monday Junior Free Coaching

Every Monday 4:30 – 5:30.  Suitable for ages 6+.  Buy a basket of balls and let our Head Pro, Andy Carnall give you hints/tips.  Never played before?  Andy will set you up – correctly!! – and get you swinging a golf club.  No need to book and no ongoing commitment.   Please see our Coaching‘ page for further details and conditions.

Wednesday FREE Coaching

Our Wednesday night free coaching runs from 6pm – 7:30pm on the range.  Buy a basket of balls, grab a bay and let our Head Pro, Andy Carnall offer you hints and tips – FOR FREE!!


Our Club Code of Conduct

The code of conduct is there to ensure everyone can enjoy their time at Barlborough Links Golf Club.  We are proud of our club – its a family friendly environment with people of all ages welcome.

We therefore expect all players to conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, regardless of how competitive they are.

We expect all visitors to:
–       Demonstrate the utmost respect for all other players and our staff
–       Show respect for the course and facilities at all times
–       Treat everyone as you would wish to be treated

We do not expect players to:
–       Use foul language of any kind, be it directed at someone or not
–       Demonstrate aggressive behaviour of any kind
–       Distract other players through unnecessary noise levels either on or off the course

Note: Failure to abide by the code of conduct may result in the offending individuals being asked to leave the premises, and in more serious cases, be banned from the club and the relevant authorities informed.