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We held the annual Derbyshire PGA Professionals Matchplay Competition here on Monday 6th September, where the best 16 professionals in Derbyshire (including our own Andy & James) competed for the title and trophy.

We are delighted that James came 2nd in this competition – we are sure you will join us in congratulating him!  James Whatley (Morley Hayes) won the competition – well done James.

We were a little nervous hosting professionals here at our modest little course, but their feedback was overwhelming and they want to hold the event here every year!  (‘But they have to say it was good don’t they’ I said.  ‘You’re kidding – they’re the most critical people out there and they’d tell me if it was shit’ said Andy).

We’d like to thank all our staff who helped frantically prepare the course over the weekend before, and to those of you that played on that day, our apologies for any inconvenience caused.  Due to a number of play-offs taking place, our timings were a little out, so we’ll take this into consideration next year.

Heres our Bernie & Shaun wishing…..!

Barlborough LInks Golf Club Derbyshire PGA Professionals Matchplay Championship

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