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Mastering Golf: Upcoming Workshops on Putting, Teeing Off, Chipping and Course Management with Etiquette.


Golf is a game of precision, strategy, and etiquette. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to refine your skills or a beginner eager to learn, our upcoming series of golf workshops is designed to help you master every aspect of the game. Mark your calendars for July, as we dive into essential golf techniques with expert-led sessions on putting, teeing off, chipping and course management with etiquette.

Workshop Schedule

  • Putting Workshop: July 1st – 6pm til 7pm
  • Teeing Off Workshop: July 8th – 6pm til 7pm
  • Chipping Workshop: July 15th – 6pm til 7pm
  • Course Management with Etiquette Workshop: July 29th – 6pm til 8pm


  • Putting Workshop: £15
  • Teeing Off Workshop: £15
  • Chipping Workshop: July £15
  • Course Management with Etiquette Workshop: £20


we do require a £10 deposit to book onto any workshop.


Putting Workshop – July 1st

Putting is an art that can make or break your game. Our putting workshop will focus on the fundamentals of a smooth, accurate putt. You’ll learn about grip, stance, and stroke techniques, as well as how to read greens and judge distances for your putting. Our expert PGA Golf Professionals Andy and James will provide personalised feedback to help you develop a reliable putting stroke. By the end of this session, you’ll have the confidence to sink those critical putts with ease.

Teeing Off Workshop – July 8th

The tee shot sets the tone for each hole, and mastering this skill is crucial for lowering your scores. In our teeing off workshop, you’ll learn the mechanics of a powerful and accurate drive. We’ll cover proper stance, grip, and swing techniques, and discuss how to select the right club for different situations. James will work with you to improve your consistency and distance off the tee, ensuring you start each hole on the right foot.

Chipping Workshop – July 15th

Chipping can be a challenging aspect of golf, but it’s essential for getting close to the pin from around the green. Our chipping workshop will teach you various techniques to control your chips, including how to choose the right club, the correct stance and swing for different lies. You’ll practice hitting different shots around the green with guidance from Andy to improve your accuracy and touch.

Course Management with Etiquette Workshop – July 29th

Golf is as much about strategy and etiquette as it is about skill. Our course management with etiquette workshop will teach you how to navigate the course efficiently and respectfully. Learn how to plan your shots, avoid hazards, and make smart decisions that can save strokes. Additionally, we’ll cover the important aspects of golf etiquette, such as pace of play, proper behavior on the course, and how to care for the course. This workshop will ensure you’re not only playing better golf but also contributing to a positive experience for everyone on the course.

Why Attend Our Workshops?

  1. Expert  PGA Golf Coaches: Learn from seasoned golf professionals who have…we’ll just say lots.. of years of experience both playing and teaching the game.
  2. Hands-On Learning: Each workshop is designed to provide practical, hands-on experience with personalized feedback, and hitting lots of golf balls.
  3. Comprehensive Skill Development: Our workshops cover all critical aspects of the game, ensuring you develop a well-rounded skill set.
  4. Improve Your Game: Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, our workshops will help you lower your scores and enjoy the game more.

How to Register

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your golf skills and knowledge. Register for one or all of our workshops by:

Emailing James (

Book Online using the set more booking platform by clicking on the class below:

Putting  – 1st July

Teeing off – 8th July

Chipping – 15th July

Course Management and Etiquette – 29th July


Book in at reception


Join us this July for a month of golfing excellence and take your game to the next level. See you on the course!



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