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Have you gone as far as you can with Free Coaching on a Wednesday, but aren’t quite ready to pay £45 for a golf lesson?

If the answer to that is ‘yes’, then our Monday Swing Clinics could bridge that gap and be perfect for you.

The Monday Swing Clinic will run monthly and comprise a 15 minute warm up, a 30 minute video lesson followed by a 15 minute practice afterwards giving you one hour of golf practice and tuition working towards perfecting your swing – and all for under £20!

Available Dates:
Monday 3rd February
Monday 9th March
Monday 6th April

Time slots available:

This is your arrival time for your 15 minute warm up, followed by your lesson on the half hour or hour.

How do I book?

  • Book your ‘Swing Clinic’ slot by calling in or ringing reception on 01246 813111
  • On arrival you will pay the appropriate fee and get a 50 ball basket for the session
  • Head to the dedicated ‘warm up’ bay (Bay 10) for a 15 minute warm up
  • You will then move into the ‘coaching’ bay (Bay 11) for your 30 minute video swing analysis where Andy will video and analyse your swing.  You will be given a written take-away improvement plan and have something to work on immediately
  • The last 15 minutes will be spent in the practice bay (Bay 9)
  • You will also receive a ‘PMP Card’.  PMP means Practice Makes Permanent.  One of Andy’s favourite sayings is this – ‘practice crap golf and you’ll become really good at crap golf – practice makes what you are practising permanent, not perfect!’  Your PMP card should be a reminder to practice quality not quantity!

What’s the cost?
£12 full 5/7 day members
£15 Affiliate Members
£18 Non-Members

Price includes 1 x 50 ball basket.  Additional baskets can be purchased at the appropriate non-member, affiliate or full member rate.

Practice outside your Swing Clinic experience is in the remaining range bays – there may be a wait at busy times.

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