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Some of you might remember that before the November 2020 Lockdown we held a last minute Night Golf event.  We have had so many people asking when we are going to do it again, and our answer is, it needs to be fairly dark but not too late in the evening or too wet on the course.  We’ve decided on Sunday 3rd October.

Time:  Shotgun start at 7:30pm
Format:  6 holes (playing 1st, 3rd short par 3 from mat behind 1st green, 4th, 5th, 6th and 9th).
Cost:  £7 per player 
Places:  32 max

The only change we will be making is that you will need to purchase your own night golf ball/s rather than hiring and returning them.  Heres a couple of links for purchasing your night golf balls from – we’d recommend these ones as they’re the ones we’d use, however Amazon also sells these if you wanted a punt.  We recommend at least 2 balls per player so you could share a box or two with your mates.

Please book in groups of 4 players and reserve your start time with a (non-refundable) cash deposit of £10 (£2.50 per player).  Book your group by emailing  (please let me have all player names) and then drop off your deposit in Reception by Monday 27th September.

Times are available to anyone with their own set of clubs and you need to enter a team of 4 players.  If you want to play in less than a 4-ball, you can do so but will need to pay the full £28.

Night Golf is such good fun so we hope you will return and join us again, or give it a try if you haven’t done so already.  If it’s popular enough we may look to turn this into an annual event/competition.


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