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It has been amazing to see the uptake in golf since the relaxation of lockdown rules following the pandemic.  You will recall that at some stages during the past couple of years, Golf was one of the only sports you could play and we continue to see increased participation in this frustratingly wonderful sport!


Working in golf on a daily basis, we also see a lot of rules and etiquette not being adhered to, much to the frustration of other more experienced players.  Golf is ever evolving and we thankfully don’t have some of the archaic rules of years past that prevented a lot of people from participating.  What hasn’t changed though, is the need for the certain basic rules and etiquette to be followed on the course.


We want everyone to enjoy their golf experience with us and we have various signage in and around Reception to help inform players of our rules and expectations from you whilst out on the course.  We also ask new players certain questions to gauge their experience, but we though we could help a little further by offering a Beginner Rules and Etiquette evening.


Who is it for?

  • Beginner golfers who want to learn the basic rules of the game
  • Beginner golfers who want to learn about course ettiquette (the ‘do’s and don’ts’ that apply on the course that will identify you as a ‘new golfer’)  including our top three etiquette tips and why ettiquette is so important on the golf course so everyone can enjoy their game
  • Developing golfers who want to make sure they are up to date with the current Rules of Golf
  • Developing golfers wanting to learn about or brush up on their course management skills (course management includes pre-shot routines, improving pace of play, reducing scores, club selection and decision making on the course)


The course will take place over holes 1, the upper part of 3 and 4 so you get ‘on the job’ training, and as a bonus, you can carry on playing the rest of the course after the 4th when Andy will leave you to put your learning into action straight away!  He’ll also be at the Harvester until 9:30pm if you want to buy him a gin….  I mean grill him with any questions you might have!!


When does the course take place?

The courses will run from 7pm on the following dates:

  • Thursday 14th July
  • Thursday 28th July
  • Thursday 11th August
  • Thursday 25th August

Please arrive 15 minutes before so you can be timely on the tee and the session will last around an hour and a half.

You’ll also get a copy of our ‘Beginners Guide to Rules & Etiquette’ pdf.


How much will it cost?

£10 per person.

Courses will be in multiples of 3 (so with either 3, 6 or 9 (9 max)) players per session.

Ring or call in to Reception to book and pay in full to secure your place (we can take payment over the phone – 01246 813111).  Why not get a group together so you can all learn at the same time!  Remember these are rules and etiquette evenings – there will be no swing or technique coaching.


Following on from the first evening, Andrea had this to say:

‘Had a great night with Andy on the etiquette and rules course.  Andy shared some great insight and tips and it was really beneficial to be shown some simple techniques to help improve our game as we are both beginners. Would 100% recommend this etiquette and rules course. 5 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️





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