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What is Club Fitting?
A lot of people when they start out golfing will buy a set of clubs either resale from an online selling site, a set up for sale in their local club or a generic set from a golf/sports shop.  These clubs can be too long or too short based on your height and arm distance from the ground.


Club fitting specialists measure your height and arm distances and recommend a set of clubs that will ‘fit’ you.


Who is a club fitting appointment for?
You may not even know that your clubs are too short or too long, so if you are looking to upgrade either your irons, wedges or just your driver, a club fitting could be just what you need.  This is not for adjustments to your existing clubs – this is for those looking to invest in new clubs.


Please book your appointment by calling Reception on 01246 813111 or contact us using the form below – appointment are available between 12pm and 4pm – let us know your best time.


Appointment times are 40 minutes for a full set and 20 minutes for a driver fitting.

Want a club fitting appointment?

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