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Welcome to the team!


We are positively full of beans following the arrival of our new Rijo bean-to-cup coffee machine.   With an 8 drink menu, we’re sure we’ve got a coffee to suit all tastes – from a strong espresso to a mild machiatto – we’ve got your coffee needs covered.


Theres no price increase just yet, so you can grab your favourite coffee for just £2.50 – even less if you’re a member.  Fancy a syrup shot?  Got your back with our Cool Caramel, Sweet Hazelnut, Cheeky Vanilla or seasonal Pumpkin Spice for just 30p extra.


Our coffee shop is open to all, so if you’re out walking along the public footpath, you can simply call in for a coffee fix and a chat with our welcoming team.


And for all you tea bellies out there – don’t panic – our kettle and tea pots are still going strong!


Need coffee grounds for your garden?   Our machine is emptied daily and we’ll be bagging up the grounds so feel free to take a bag if you can make use of them.

Barlborough Links Golf Club Rijo coffee machine
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