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From landing short to on in two – how to increase your club head speed

Are your club distances getting shorter as you are getting older?
Can you still reach the par 4’s in 2?
Are you taking a wood where you used to take an iron?
Do you need to regain distance or get longer off the tee?

If so, our club head speed Winter training programme could be for you.

Aimed at beginner/improver golfers looking to up their game and older players looking to regain some distance this programme can help.  

Beginner/improver golfers – if you are seeking to lower scores by increasing club head speed, you will benefit from this training.

Older golfers – its natural as you get older to lose club head speed.  All is not lost and you can gain some distance back through this training.

Case Study
Your PGA Qualified Professional, Andy was down to 96/97mph last year before working specifically on club head speed.  During the process, he got up to a max *108mph and has now rounded off at a consistent 100mph where he originally started.

Working with your Class AA PGA Qualified Golf Professionals, Andy & James, below is a brief overview of the training with dates: 

Session 1 – Current club speed – Thursday 1st December 2022 from 6pm (20 minute slot)
Session 2 – Speed tests – Monday 5th December 2022 from 6pm (20 minute slot)
Session 3 – Training Programme – Thursday 15th December 2022 at 6:30pm (1 hour group session)
Session 4 – Range drills – Thursday 22nd December 2022 at 6:30pm (1 hour group session)
Session 5 – Range drills with Flightscope – Thursday 12th January 2023 from 6pm (20 minute slot) 
Session 6 – Range drills – Thursday 26th January 2023 from 6:30pm (1 hour drop in session)
Session 7 – Range drills – Thursday 16th February 2023 from 6:30pm (1 hour drop in session)
Session 8 – Final speed tests – Thursday 2nd March 2023 from 6pm (20 minute slots)

Andy currently charges £50 per hour for individual coaching – this course gets you over 5 hours of coaching with Andy & James for:

£89 per person for full members
£99 per person for affiliate members
£109 per person for non-members
Full payment is required at the first session.


How to book
First come, first served with a maximum of 8 places available.  Please book your place by emailing  James will then get you booked in for the individual slots.  

*Average gains of 4 – 8 miles per hour which equates to 10 – 20 yards, however you could gain up to 10 mph which equates to 25 yards – depends on how much work you put in!

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