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Yardage Assessments/Bag Mapping – Special Offer


Do you know how far you hit your 8 iron?  Do you know how this information will help you on the course?  If you are 63 yards away from the hole – do you know what club you need?


If the answer to any of these is ‘no’ but you want it to be a ‘yes’, then our Yardage Assessment is for you.  Using our ‘Flightscope’ and its full ball tracking capability you can build an understanding of how far each club travels which will help to reduce your overall scores through improved club selection and on-course decision making.


A full bag assessment with help from one of our PGA Professionals takes around an hour and is currently £40 – for February and March only you can bag a special member rate of just £30 for the hour.  You’ll get an hour with Andy or James, plus full analysis in the form of a ‘pocket’ quick reference chart for using on the course.


Take the guesswork out of your game and become confident in your club selection.


Open to Affiliate and 5/7 day members only (you can join any of our memberships here). Assessment must be booked, paid for and taken in February or March.


Interested in a Yardage Assessmen? Contact us now....

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