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We’ve dragged Andy back into presenting mode for a little informational video that explains everything you need to know about how to use our new-to-us Flightscope range bay technology.


WE RECOMMEND you watch the whole video first and then we’ve highlighted times in the sections below for bits you can complete before you come to the range, so click the button below to watch the whole video…..



Like we said there are things you can do before you even get into the car to come to the range – see the sections below on how to complete them but also the time that they appear in the video above if you want to skip.

Download the app (00:00 – 00:40)

Firstly you can download the app to the device you are going to be bringing to the range. You need to go to wherever you get your apps and search “Flightscope” where you’ll find the app you need in red. It looks like the picture below.

Flightscope Driving Range Ball Tracking Technology Barlborough Links Golf Club

Set Up An Account (00:44 – 02:14)

Once downloaded, open the app and click on ‘Create An Account’. You’ll need to enter a valid email and make a password as well as enter your full name. Once you’ve done that, return to the app and you should be able to log in using the details you’ve just created.

Create Golf Bag (new video coming soon)

You can get a view of the bag itself at 6:13 to 6:30 but the video itself doesn’t show you how to edit the bag. Below are some simple instructions on how to complete the tasks:


Getting to the golf bag / Equipment:

  • Press ‘Settings’ button at the top of the screen that looks like a gear/cog
  • Press ‘Equipment’ (5th item on the list)
  • Press ‘Clubs’
  • View the list of generic clubs (you can change these in bulk to a specific brand by pressing ‘Edit Manufacturer’, then press as many clubs as you want in your ‘bag’, press ‘Edit’, then select the manufacturer you want)


Adding a club:

  • On the golf bag screen
  • Click the ‘+Add Club’ button at the top
  • You can then select club type, model name, and manufacturer, the press ‘Save’.


Deleting a club:

  • On the golf bag screen
  • Find the cub you wish to delete and press the three dots to the right hand side
  • Then press ‘Delete’


Please don’t panic if you’re struggling to complete any of the stages above – our staff will be on hand to help you with any issues you have. A little word of advice if you’re not tech savvy, please find out how to connect to a WIFI network on YOUR device before you come to the range. We’ll help with our tech but we just need that little bit from you as all mobiles are different.

That’s all for now, all that’s left is to get to the range and track some golf balls!



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