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If you play golf or use our range on a regular basis, it might be worth considering whether a ‘full’ 5 or 7 day membership would be more beneficial to you.

We’ve had lots of conversations about memberships over the last few weeks to look at ways in which we can offer a membership that’s great value money.  Whilst we’ve been sat with a soggy golf course since Storm Babet, and recently a frozen one, we’ve been thinking of changes we feel will add more value to the membership, so here goes…

Instead of a standard ‘Golf Membership” we’re adding a flexible option to ‘switch’ your membership from a ‘Course Membership’ to a ‘Driving Range’ membership where you will receive range balls instead of golf playing rights. 



How the “Switch” option works:


If you are a 5/7 day member there will be an option from October until February to ‘switch’ your membership to a ‘driving range membership’.  This means instead of your normal golf playing rights, will instead receive;

5 Day Members – 2 x 50 ball baskets A WEEK

7 Day Members – 2 x 70 ball baskets A WEEK 

Then your membership will switch back to “Course Membership” at the end of February 2025, unless you switch it back before.

October to February are often months that are typically colder and the course is usually wetter.  Instead of your standard golf membership where you get nothing in these months, apart from a potentially wet golf course, we’re giving you the option to keep your swing going and practice, and YOU control when you switch over.  If you want to play when you’ve “switched” you will pay the lowest affiliate rate or you can switch back to “Course Membership”.

Sounds a good deal right?  Especially for those that class themselves a fair-weather golfer.  So we’ll sum up the changes clearly with the T&C’s:

  • Change from ‘Course Membership’ to ‘Range Membership’ at ANY point from October to February.
  • 2 x 50 ball baskets for 5 day members or 2 x 70 ball baskets for 7 day members, per week when you switch
  • No roll overs on baskets, its 2 per week not 1 this week then 3 next week.
  • If you want to play you’ll be offered the lowest affiliate rate while you’re on a “Range Membership” or you can switch your membership back to “Course Membership” at any point during the designated winter period
  • You can only switch once each way (once to Range, once back to Course)
  • Memberships will automatically go back to “Course Memberships” at the END of February.
  • You don’t have to switch – its entirely up to you and you can keep your course membership for the year if you want to

That’s basically how it works, if you have any further questions you can fill out the contact form and James will email you back with the answers, if not scroll further down to check out the prices for 2024.

5/7 Day Memberships – Prices and Changes

Current 5/7 day members your rate from 1st April 2024 will be £425/£525 respectively

ANYONE who joins before the end of February 2024 your rate from joining will be a pro-rata amount of £425/£525 respectively, then £425/£525 for the full year from 1st April 2024 as you will be classed as a current member.  Current member cost will always track under new member cost – we love rewarding loyalty!

New 5/7 day members who join on or after 1st April 2024 will pay £449 and £549 respectively.

Benefits of being a 5/7 day full member

The main benefit of being a full member is that you have unlimited playing rights within your membership choice, so you can play as many times as you like during the day.  You can book 8 days in advance for your tee times and can tee off in our member only window between 7:30am – 8:00am, as well as bringing up to 3 guests who will receive a reduced green fee.  Further benefits include the lowest fees for driving range balls, member price on hot drinks in reception, and the lowest coaching fees which could prove extra useful if you choose to “switch” your membership during winter.

Please note that the fees listed do not include WHS fees – these are simply memberships to the course.  Further benefits of full membership can be found here and WHS fees can be found here.

So in summary, if you want to become a full member right now and take advantages of the benefits above, until March 2025, you can join for:

5 Day Membership – £530 for membership to 31 March 25

7 Day Membership – £655 for membership to 31 March 25


Affiliate Memberships – Prices & Renewals

For most people the Affiliate memberships runs out on 31st December, unless you took out the 3 year option then your all set for another two years.  From 1st January 2024, the affiliate membership fee will rise to £12 for the 1 year option and £30 for the 3 year option.

As all the affiliate memberships expire on the 31st December, join now to ensure continuity of your membership.

The affiliate membership is still great value at £1 per month with the potential savings you receive when you purchase range baskets, green fees, hot drinks and lessons.

You can renew your affiliate membership in Reception from Monday 4th December.


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